RoseCrag Genealogy & Publishing is a professional service providing Genealogy Research, Family History Writing, Editing and Publishing.  Many have gathered their genealogy through the years, but few are confident that their work will 'live' and be available for future generations

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Pat Cohan's Pub, Cong, Ireland
Featured in The Quiet Man  with John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara

Loogotee Pioneers 1897 - Photo courtes of Rae Greene, The Loogootee (IN) Tribune

Clay Patterson, CPG, FSA Scot, a Professional Genealogist, attained
designation as a Certified Genealogist
by the Board of Certification of Genealogists (2007-2012) and
is a member of: the
Association of Professional Genealogists,
the National Genealogy Society,
& the East Tennessee Historical Society.  Further, Clay specializes in Scots-Irish migration in the Appalachian Mountains, East Tennessee & across the south to Texas.  Clay specializes in Family History writing, editing and publishing.  The author of two such books and editor of three others, he is experienced in a number of ways in recording the family history for   the generations to come.